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1. How can I make a reservation with you? 

-- Please fill in the contact form correctly and send. I will confirm your request as soon as possible. 

2. Can you send me your photos?

--Sorry. I'm afraid it's inpossible.To protect my own privacy, I dont exchange photos with others. And i have full copyright of my photos on my website. Anyone else who copy my photos and use in other places will take legal liability. 

3. Is the price on your website negotiable?

--I consider a true gentleman will not bargain with a young attractive woman. The price on my website is fixed. 

4. Are you available at anytime? 

--I'm not available anytime. Please make a reservation in advance for both convenience and security. 

5. Are you available to travel to any place in the world? 

--I can travel to most major cities in the world except in Africa. I'm not a racist, it's just not reasonable. 

6. Is your website an independent escort website or an agency? 

--So far this website is mainly for myself. I'm an indenpendent Escort. But meanwhile I'm recruiting other young asian beauties who could work with me together, because of my time limitation but the high demands in this industry. I can recommend my beautiful friends to you if i'm not available. 

7. Do you have girlfriends who can work with you together? 

-- Yes. I do. But right now they are not on the website. And i cant send their photos for their own privacy. For more details on request, just send me email. 

8. Do you have a place where i can visit?

--Sorry. I dont offer in-call service. 

9. How could you guarantee my privat information?

-- All the privat informations from clients, such as name, phone number, age, nationality, professional... will be protected by Haruka-Escorts. Our date will be discreet and your personal information is only for myself. On request, your informaiton and emails could be deleted immediately after our meeting. 

10. Can I cancel our date for emergency reason? 

-- Yes. sure. Everyone has their own emergency. But please let me know as early as possible for both convenience. If you are a true gentleman, you know how to behave well in this case.  I consider a man who dont keep his promise without any reason is a lower-class person. 

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